Alarm System

Affordable Security Systems

Keep your home and business safe every, single day with our alarm systems.

You'll never again have to worry about intruders, whether you're asleep at night in your house or have just locked up and left your company for the day.

SAVE MONEY with our monitoring systems!

You will receive a discount from your insurance company when you opt for a monitored system.

Not only does this system provide you with 24-hour alert protection, but the police will be notified in the case of an emergency and will arrive promptly to your location.

You can trust our locally-owned and operated company to keep you and your family safe at all times:
  • 24-hour protection
  • Monitoring systems with police access
  • Residential and commercial
  • House calls
  • On-site repair
  • Personal, medical alarms
Protect your home and business from thieves and other intruders. Call 620-430-0915 today for your FREE evaluation!
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Surveillance Cameras

Affordable Security Systems

Watch your house or car from your smart phone when you're out at dinner!

Your property will always be safe with our state-of-the-art camera surveillance systems, and you can count on us to install and repair everything.

Confirm that your daughter or son safely returned home from school every day.

Have peace of mind knowing that you'll have access to video snapshots of anyone who disables your alarm system.

When it's around the time that your child should be home from school, check your smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer (that is connected to the internet) to make sure he or she is safe and sound.

Weekend appointments are available for your convenience:
  • FREE estimates
  • Access video snapshots
  • View your property, lock your door, and control your thermostat remotely
  • Serving all of Southwest Kansas
  • One-year guarantee on all work
  • Installation and repair
Accidentally left the AC on full blast at home, and just arrived to the office? Just whip out your smart phone, raise your thermostat, and find relief knowing you avoided that sky-high bill. Call 620-430-0915 today for your FREE estimate!
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Security System Installation

Affordable Security Systems

Your home and / or business will be secure year-round when you choose our expert installation team.

You can count on us to offer FREE evaluations of your house or office, and our experienced installers will install any security or surveillance system(s) you select.

Look no further for full alarm and surveillance service!

You can rest assured knowing that we'll install and repair your security systems for you. Have peace of mind knowing that your system is guaranteed for one year (for normal wear and tear only).

You can trust our 18 years of experience to deliver the best installation and repairs around:
  • FREE estimates
  • One-year guarantee on all work
  • Weekend availability
  • Alarm and camera installation and repair
  • Serving all of Southwest Kansas
Busy on weekdays? You can count on us for weekend installation and repair appointments, for your convenience. Call us 620-430-0915 TODAY!
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